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I’m sorry for being a great disappointment

I’m sorry for being a fat failure

I’m sorry for existing





Funnily enough, I tried out for two places to intern at. One where I am currently interning at now doing Digital Ink & Paint and Exposure Sheets for L’Apprenti Père Noël II (Santa’s Apprentice II).

And the second one where I didn’t get accepted was the studio that did animation for My Little Pony and The Littlest Pet Shop.

A wallpaper I made a while ago for our old Post-Canon Harry Potter RP forum, Mudblood, showcasing the Head of Houses and the Headmaster.

From left to right:

The Half-Blood Slytherin Head of House, Wynn Hazard, who is a werewolf. He teaches Care of Magical Creatures.

The Pureblood Ravenclaw Head of House, Fortuné Gabriel Lisle, who is a vampire and kestrel Animagi. He teaches Defense Against the Dark Arts.

The Muggleborn Headmaster, Anisa Rangaraj, who is a tiger Animagi. He sometimes substitutes for Magical Theory and Muggle Studies.

The Pureblood Hufflepuff Head of House, Alexander Bernkastel, who is a Dragon Singer and a Compeller. He teaches Charms. We do not speak of him.

And the Pureblood Gryffindor Head of House, Abraxas Lucius Draco Weasley-Malfoy II, a Quidditch Natural and and Wind Mage. He teaches Flying Lessons and coaches Quidditch.

Posting in Memory of Jervis/Malfoy’s Writer


Lecture Hall A, Gotham University, 1000 Hours

There was a huge commotion about some new kid or another, flying over from jolly old England and the classroom was filled with the excited whispers of most of the female populace and even a handful of the male ones. It was a small university…


Jervis’ Writer has passed away

Excuse Jonathan’s Writer lack of activity in the next intederminate amount of days


This is what I do during internship.

I’m part of the Ink and Paint department where we make characters colourful, literally.

This is called L’Apprenti Père Noël II I believe?

Derp. I was supposed to post this on my personal first.

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